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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the UFTMP representation in Indonesia?

Graha Kapital 4th floor, Kemang Raya 4. Jakarta 12730

Contact :ananda [dot] mackulauatuniv-toulouse [dot] fr ( Ananda Mackulau) / +62 21 71 79 46 52

Who are the members of UFTMP?
How does the higher education system work in France?

France has 2 schemes of higher education :

University (LMD scheme) & Specialized school (Grandes écoles scheme)

Read here

Should I have French certifications prior to study in France?

For UFTMP, it depends on your programs :

Bachelor degrees

  • All programs are taught in French. Requirement : DELF B2 certification

Master degrees

  • French programs : require DELF B1 for Life Sciences; DELF B2 for Human-Social Sciences.
  • English programs : require English certifications (TOEFL/IELTS/TOEIC...). See programs
  • Bilingual programs : require French and English certifications. See programs on p. 25

Doctorate degrees

  • Most theses can be written fully in English. For specific major (litteratures, science of languages,...),  theses may be written in French. Requirements & Programs

About French certifications


The students of UFTMP members can register for our French language courses :

  • Program : 25 modules of 25 hours
  • Fees : 40€ per module
  • Time : 18.00
  • Place : in one of UFTMP member


Where can I find the Courses listing ?

How much are the tuition fees & living cost?

Tuition fees : info on How to apply. Fees are based on level of study : Bachelor, Master, PhD

Living cost :

  • First monthly budget : €800 - €1500
  • Average monthly budget : €700 - €1100                                

Read more on our e-handbook (p 18)

How to find housing & other practical information?
  • before departure, prepare your stay by registering to our kit  Toul'box and download our e-handbook to obtain administrative and practical information

  • upon arrival, visit our Welcome DeskOur teams are available to give advice regarding, cultural-sports activities, transport, assistance for studying with a handicap, and academic programs. 

How to apply for members UFTMP & student Visa?

As a federation of universities & specialized schools, UFTMP does not undertake candidate application. The Student Affairs departments of each institution are available for all enrolment questions. 

Find contact of Campus France in your city
Campus France Jakarta
Jl. MH.Thamrin 20, Jakarta 10350
+62 (0)21 2355 7927/00
campusfranceatifi-id [dot] com
Area coverage : Jakarta, West Kalimantan, Bengkulu, Palembang and all of West and South Sumatra cities
Campus France Bandung
Jl. Purnawarman 32, Bandung 40117
+62 (0)22 421 24 17
campusfrance [dot] bdgatifi-id [dot] com
Area coverage : Banten, West Java


Campus France Yogyakarta
Jl. Sagan 3, Yogyakarta 55223
+62 (0)274 56 65 20
campusfrance [dot] yogatifi-id [dot] com
Area coverage : Yogyakarta, Semarang, Central Java
Campus France Surabaya
Komplek AJBS, blok C2, Surabaya 60246
+62 (0)31 50 35 035
campusfrance [dot] sbyatifi-id [dot] com
Area coverage : Surabaya, East Java, Balikpapan, Flores, Bali, Makassar, East Indonesia
Campus France Medan
Jl. Hasanuddin 5B, Medan 20153
+62 (0)61 453 7447 
campusfrance [dot] sbyatafmedan [dot] org
Area coverage : Batam, Riau, Aceh, Medan
Are scholarships available?

Scholarships are available from some UFTMP members, Indonesian government (local & national), French government, Indonesian & French companies/institutions...

Here are some examples :

  • MBDA, ENAC (UFTMP members) : for students. Master level
  • DIKTI : for lecturer. Master & PhD
  • Indonesian local government : Aceh, Palembang, Papua. For students & lecturer. Bachelor, Master, PhD
  • French government (BGF , Eiffel) : for students & lecturer. Master & PhD
  • European Union Erasmus+ : for students. Master, PhD
  • French companies : Total E&P Indonesia, GDF Suez, etc. For students. Master & PhD

For details, contact ananda [dot] mackulauatuniv-toulouse [dot] fr (Ananda Mackulau)


What are the International programs for the UFTMP students/researchers/lecturers who wish to go to Indonesia?

Programs such as internships, language courses, exchanges, short courses and Visiting Professors are available. Consult our International programs page for offers from our university partners, or consult directly each Indonesian university's website for other programs.

International programs are open for all foreign students (not only for foreign students from university partner).


Is there any fundings available for foreign students/researchers/lecturers?

Yes, depending on every program and university host.

  • For Students, fundings are available from Indonesian government (language courses) and from Indonesian universities (for short courses).
  • For Researchers, fundings are available from the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Higher Education and the French Embassy in Indonesia.
  • For Lecturers/Professors, stipends are available.

See International programs for details.


How can I find information on Visa requirements, living cost and life in Indonesia?