Revitalising research, 54 training projects developed, "Toulouse Ingénierie", "L'École des Docteurs", Student welcome, Culture and sharing of knowledge, Scientific equipment...

The purpose of the IDEX UNITI research programmes is to make the site more attractive and achieve excellence in research.  IDEX unquestionably stands out as a tool for revitalising all research activities.

The main aim of the IDEX training programmes is to strengthen the attractiveness of the training provided on site and to respond to the challenges of the socio-economic world.

Part of the excellence initiative by the Université Fédérale Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées,  Toulouse Ingénierie brings together local stakeholders in higher education and research in engineering, unifying eight establishments (14 courses): ENAC, ICAM, INP Toulouse, INSA Toulouse, ISAE-SUPAERO, Mines-Albi, CUFR JF Champollion, University Toulouse III Paul Sabatier.

The conditions for studying and student life are an important factor in the national and international appeal of the site. Services for welcoming and support French and international student have been developed.

Culture and the sharing of knowledge are two strategic objectives for developing links between the university community and society. They encourage students, staff, lecturer-researchers and researchers to share their knowledge and initiatives with the wider public.

The process of striving to achieve excellence in a number of disciplines depends to a large extent on the type of equipment available to scientists.