"Laboratories of excellence" (Labex) is one of the Investments for the Future systems implemented by the government in 2010, working towards three objectives:

  • To develop top-class laboratories in all regions and in all disciplines, including in the human and social science industries.
  • To encourage the best French laboratories to enhance their scientific potential by recruiting researchers and investing in innovative equipment.
  • To encourage the development of globally visible ambitious scientific projects initiated by laboratories or groups of laboratories.

In the Midi-Pyrénées region, three applications were approved in the first wave of the call for projects in 2011 (TULIP, NEXT and IAST), while others were approved in the second wave in 2012 (SMS, TOUCAN, CIMI and IAM-TSE).

Labex laboratories in Midi-Pyrénées

  • Labex TULIP "Towards a unified biotic interaction theory: the role of environmental disturbance"

  • Labex NEXT "Extreme Nano Measurement Theory"

  • Labex IAST "Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse"

  • Labex SMS "Structure of Social Environments"

  • Labex TOUCAN "Toulouse Cancer"

  • Labex CIMI "Toulouse International Mathematics and Information Technology Centre"

  • Labex IAM-TSE "Incentives, Players and Markets - Toulouse School of Economics"