The programmes - Presentation

The 22 programmes of the Toulouse IDEX project are sponsored and aim to be of benefit to the whole universitycommunity.



  • open to all the campus research teams
  • no minimum amount required per project
  • projects that cannot obtain funding through the usual national and international channels
  • financial support for five years

Chairs of attractivity

Objective: attract senior scientists with high international visibility to the Toulouse campus

Beneficiaries: high-level scientists from outside Toulouse

Content:  funding support for research projects and research personnel (PhD student and post-PhD students )

Contact:chairesatuniv-toulouse [dot] fr


Objective: develop groundbreaking disruptive research projects

Beneficiaries: research teams

Content: annual calls for projects for made-to-measure funding for the proposed project

Contact:emergenceatuniv-toulouse [dot] fr

Strategic Theme Actions

Objective: develop scientific research in synergy with industrial forces and regional social and cultural priorities

Beneficiaries: research teams

Content: annual project calls based around four themes:

  • New treatments for cancer;
  • Sustainable management systems for natural and environmental resources, foodstuffs for humans and animals, and fibres and fuel in the context of climatic change;
  • Aeronautics, space and in-vehicle systems;
  • National heritage 


Objective: provide the Université Fédérale Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées with high-level research equipment Beneficiaries: research teams and educational facilities

Content: Co-fund shared infrastructure projects with one or more partners

Contact:idex-equipementsatuniv-toulouse [dot] fr


Objective: support coordination of multidisciplinary scientific networks

Beneficiaries: research teams

Content: annual calls for projects to provide finance over five years for "at the interface" research projects  

Contact:transversaliteatuniv-toulouse [dot] fr


Objective: help Laboratories of Excellence to achieve visibility at an international level

Beneficiaries: laboratories already "LABEX" certified

Contact: labexatuniv-toulouse [dot] fr


Objective: encourage young scientists educated outside the Université Fédérale Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées to come and establish themselves on the campus by giving them a "welcome" grant

Beneficiaries: lecturer/researchers (University lecturers or equivalent)

Contact:nouveaux-entrantsatuniv-toulouse [dot] fr


Contact:atsatuniv-toulouse [dot] fr



appel à projets Idex Formation


  • Projects to diversify study paths and increase the appeal of university courses
  • Projects to innovate educational practices
  • Projects to increase links with the socio-economic fabric

                           Contact:idex-formationatuniv-toulouse [dot] fr

Lifelong learning

Objective: increase and valorise lifelong learning. 

Beneficiaries: students and personnel in further education.

Content: implementation of actions to strengthen coordination between existing actions of establishments and to adapt curriculums to the reality of the socio-economic world.

Interdisciplinary Masters courses

Objective: propose interdisciplinary courses to diversify student profiles and facilitate their insertion.   Beneficiaries: campus L3 (Undergraduates 3) and Masters students.

Content: possibility for students to earn credits in other establishments as "minors"

Doctoral School

Objective: revitalise doctoral studies and improve doctoral opportunities 

Beneficiaries: campus PhD students

Content: create a networked Doctoral School, armed with an action plan based on the following themes:

  • Sharing courses between doctoral schools;
  • coordinating doctoral schools with top European universities and implementating specific internationally aimed actions;
  • setting up interdisciplinary workshops;
  • developing strong links with the socio-economic world, senior civil servants and ministers, and the associative and cultural environment.

Innovation in Degrees

Objective: : promote graduate studies and increase the appeal of university courses.

Beneficiaries: undergraduate students (from the 2nd term).

Content: setting up innovative undergraduate pathways: heavier workloads, laboratory or company work placements, international programmes.

High-level Engineering courses

Objective: create new engineering courses in order to meet the growing needs of local firms.

Beneficiaries: Masters students.

Content: creation of new Masters in conjunction with campus establishments, setting up apprenticeship training

Initiatives of excellence in innovative education

Objective: : promote educational innovation and promote new approaches to education and new content.

Beneficiaries: campus initiatives with IDEFI certification.

Content: funding IDEFIs on the basis of conventions signed with the State.





appel à projets Idex - à l'international

Principles - collective projects to:

  • extend the service to teams seeking international funding
  • develop new partnerships on a European and International scale
  • improve the welcome given to newcomers to the region


Units of the "Université Fédérale de Toulouse"

Objective: ensure the promotion of UT and increase the flow of students and researchers towards the campus

Beneficiaries: target countries, China, Brazil and Indonesia

Content: creation of pioneering units aimed to develop new partnerships, strengthen mobility (incoming and outgoing) and open campus UT courses.

Contact :laurent [dot] grosclaudeatuniv-toulouse [dot] fr


Objective: offer a “welcome” programme package to facilitate the integration of new arrivals giving priority to foreign citizens.

Beneficiaries: new arrivals (students, researchers)

Content -The Toul'Box will offer several types of service:

  • help with accommodation and administrative formalities;
  • French language training;
  • welcoming procedures;
  • cultural integration

Contact: rebecca [dot] pustochatuniv-toulouse [dot] fr

Cellule Europe +

Objective: provide support services for European and International projects

Beneficiaries: campus research teams

Content: Strategic monitoring of calls for projects, communication of information, networking of mobilised research teams and support for project engineering

Contact: lucien [dot] baldasatuniv-toulouse [dot] fr

Masters in English

Objective: support and facilitate the opening of courses in English in order to attract non-French speaking students

Beneficiaries: teaching personnel

Content: opening of new Masters courses in English

Contact: cecilia [dot] gunnarssonatuniv-toulouse [dot] fr

International communication

Objective: make the University of Toulouse an international showcase and a single portal of cooperation

Beneficiaries: students, lecturers and researchers off-site

Content: participation in international trade shows, publicity and awareness campaigns




Idex-vie de campus


  • projects to increase campus cohesion and appeal
  • projects to improve the quality of life for students and personnel

                           Contact :idex-vie-campusatuniv-toulouse [dot] fr

Support funds for student initiatives

Objective: : improve campus life and develop inter-establishment student initiatives

Beneficiaries: campus students

Content: annual calls for projects to partially fund inter-establishment student projects in the cultural, sports, citizenship and humanitarian areas.

Culture and sharing of knowledge

Objective: : incorporate the artistic and cultural dimension into the very heart of the campus and structure campus policy concerning the dissemination of all types of knowledge

Beneficiaries: campus students and personnel

Content: annual project calls to encourage new projects

Welcome desk for students

Objective: : promote graduate studies and strengthen the attractivity of university courses

Beneficiaries: campus students

Content: create a single entry point for accommodation, courses, student life and student welcome including foreign students


Development of a Digital University

Objective: develop a range of services and digital content based on all new technologies

Beneficiaries: university community

Content: build a campus digital strategy, set up a programming tool for inter-university digital development, facilitate inter-connection of all users in the Midi-Pyrénées Region