An ambition

The Toulouse IDEX project is first and foremost an ambition! To channel all the scientific and educational potential of the region to reach the highest standards of education and research. To offer study paths adapted to students in relation to their objectives and talents to maximise their chances of success.

And last but not least, to be a networked campus, encouraging inward and outward bound mobility of researchers, lecturer/researchers and students.

The principles

Which principles underpin the Toulouse IDEX project?

  • a principle of access: by offering the entire scientific community and students the opportunity to take full advantage of programmes financed by IDEX;

  • a principle of excellence: by striving to finance the best projects, most often in a transdisciplinary spirit;

  • a principle of transparence: by using calls for projects communicated across the whole campus and by the mobilisation of an international panel (CAR: Arbitation Committee) to select the applications and/or validate the procedures;

  • a principle of collegiality: thanks to the running of IDEX by a "Committee of Consultation of the Site" (CCS), which comprises some forty people representing all the campus establishments and personnel.

Lastly, the Toulouse IDEX project is 22 programmes, organised around 4 main themes: Research, Education, Campus Life and International, which is addressed to researchers, professor-researchers and students.

Facts and figures

The IDEX Toulouse project has a budget of 25 million Euros per year for a 3-year trial period; this funding will be finalised after evaluation.

The campus

  • 23 member establishments and 5 research organisations
  • more than 110 000 students
  • 145 research units, 5 100 researchers
  • 6 400 administrative and technical personnel


  • 22 programmes organised around 4 themes
  • annual amount available: 25 M€
    • Research: 71%
    • Training: 16%
    • International: 5%
    • Campus life: 7%

The 8 campuses with "Initiatives d’Excellence" certification

les sites labellisés



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