Study in Indonesia

Discover the biggest archipelago in the world!

The biggest country in Southeast Asia and the 4th in the world, Indonesia provides one of the most important economy growth these past 15 years in Asia and the world. 

The country’s development has put priorities on urban-planning, tourism, maritime, and also on higher education sectors.  

Indonesia offers a vibrant, multi-cultural environment for international students. There are about 6,000 international students currently study in Indonesia and the number continue to increase.

Higher Education System

Indonesia uses the LMD system, similar to the French University scheme
Attention, different duration of studies : 
  • Licence/Bachelor  : 4 years (Bac +4)
  • Master                       : 2 years (Bac +6)
  • Doctorate                 : 4 years (Bac +9)


Admission into a public university is very competitive, with 20 percent of students taking the national entrance exam being accepted (about 7-8% of acceptance rate for the top universities). Private institutions and some public ones have their own admission tests.
Although nearly 3,000 public and private institutions of higher education exist in Indonesia, only about 3 percent are private. There are four types of higher education institutions including universities, institutes, academies and polytechnics.


Tuition and Program Duration      

Tuition at most Indonesian universities is paid up-front for the entire program of study. Although tuition at public universities is very low, tuition at private institutions though quite high is still affordable.

The tuition fee for a public university is around €125 - €800 per semester (depending on program). Private universities charge around €4000 but could reach up to €15 000 depending on university and program. 


More Indonesian universities offer programs taught all or partly in English, and International programs. These institutions are mostly to be found in the Jakarta and Surabaya regions.

Other options for studying in Indonesia include cultural exchange programs, language programs and student exchange programs. These are available through local and international education organisations.

Scholarships are available for International students from some host universities. 


General information

  • General requirement : Good level of English (TOEFL 500, IELTS 5). All International programs are dispensed in English. Indonesian language & civilization courses are commonly included.

  • Most of the regular/non-International programs are dispensed in Indonesian language. However, some universities particularly privates are already dispensed in English.
  • For specific requirements : read directly the program/university's website


Academic Calendar

The academic year at most universities has two semesters, begins in early September and finishes in June. Below is the general calendar for regular (non-International) programs in public universities, and some private universities:

  • Admission : February - March
  • National entrance exam : June
  • Selection-Result: July
  • Entrance : mid-August/September
For non-degree or International programs, the academic calendar would varies but most commonly divided into two periods :
  • First semester : September-January
  • Second semester : February-July
Application deadline
  • First semester : June
  • Second semester : December
! Some Universities may have customized programs. Students could propose a particular calendar based on their own availability

Contacts :

For all questions/informations on non-degree and International programs 
  • International Relations Office of each host university in Indonesia
  • UFTMP Representation Office Jakarta : Ananda Mackulau (+62) 21 71 79 46 52



Six reasons to study in Indonesia

  • Very affordable living cost

The general living cost in Indonesia is low compared to France, in addition to the fact that the exchange rate for euros is profitable (€1 = IDR15 000). Read the expenses detail on Practical Information

  • Courses in English

Increasing number of programs taught in English especially for Master degrees. International programs are also available in most of public and private universities.

  • Opportunities after study for foreign workers

Indonesia especially Jakarta offer divers opportunities for foreign workers with great numbers of Indonesian and international companies available. Offers as language teachers are also available. 

  • Culture richness

With more than 17 000 islands, Indonesia offer infinite discovery. Mountains, beaches, Orang Outan and Komodo Dragon islands, Borobudur temple, are only few of them. Traditional arts and handcrafts, dances, “Wayang” puppets, culinary from each region… Indonesia is a gem for adventurous people

  • Friendly locals

Indonesians are known by their openness toward other cultures  because they are themselves multicultural people by nature. And because they have regional and national language, they are born at least bilingual. Particularly in big cities, English is spoken largely and regarded as the principal foreign language.   

  • Tropical climate

It’s mostly always sunny in Indonesia, except for rainy season in November-February. Although even in this period still average about 23-28’C.


Post-Graduate Opportunities                            

The unemployment rate in Indonesia is low and there are many opportunities for both Indonesian and foreign workers after they have obtained their Master’s and even Bachelor’s degree. Major multi-national industries include petroleum and gas, clothing and footwear, mining, fertilizers and tourism. Nearly half of the Indonesian workforce is currently in the services sector. Most of the private sector

s require English proficiency for both Indonesian and foreign workers.

The majority of foreign workers in Indonesia are employed by foreign countries or in the export sector; foreign workers proficient in English also may find employment in teaching English. Students planning to work in Indonesia need to find employment before they graduate so the potential employer can help to obtain a work visa.


International programs

There are an increasing number of programs dedicated for International students, lecturers and researchers. Here below are programs offered by some of our partner universities. You can also apply to other programs that are not on our list/partner.

General contacts :

For all questions/informations on International programs 
  • International Relations Office of each host university (scroll down for websites)
  • UFTMP Representation Office Jakarta :ananda [dot] mackulauatuniv-toulouse [dot] fr ( Ananda Mackulau) (+62) 21 71 79 46 52

You are :

International Students


Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) offers :

  • Internship


ITS provides opportunities for students to have an internship experience at ITS laboratories (lab-based) or industries (industrial-based) which have a partnership with ITS within 1 up to 4 months.

Contact : internationalatits [dot] ac [dot] id or int_offatits [dot] ac [dot] id


  • Student mobility program

Undergraduate and graduate students from all over the world may take 1 – 2 semester study at ITS with or without exchange agreement between ITS and student’s home university.

ITS offers three attractive programs : CommTECH Camp Highlight 2016 (22 – 31 August 2016), CommTECH Camp Insight 2017 (23 January – 1 February 2017) and Customized Short Program to accomodate the needs and the schedule of various international partners.

The Registration will be opened :

  • from  28 March – 1 July 2016 for CommTECH Camp Highlight 2016
  • from  18 September – 29 December 2016 for CommTECH Camp Insight 2017

ITS offer full scholarship, 50% scholarship (pay only USD 800) & partial
scholarship (pay only USD 1,000) for limited participants. 
Please register early to secure your participation.

Click here for complete details

CommTECH program is a special short course program designed to
facilitate a broad opportunity to better understand common issues
regarding community and technology, especially in Indonesia and to open up
an opportunity to exchange ideas and develop a mutual vision for the
future of our community.
Under an interesting theme, “Solving Local
Problems with Global Knowledge”, this program provides topics and
discussion on Indonesian language and culture, learning traditional music
and dances, making your own batik and several topic course related.
Various of activities including classes, discussions, an industrial visit,
community observations, a trip to tourism destinations, and interactions
with ITS students would be packed into this program. 

Detailed information and online registration can be viewed and downloaded
from our website:

CommTECH Camp Highlight 2016

CommTECH Camp Insight 2017

Please check the brochure in this link

For CommTECH Camp Highlight 2016, we offer 2 courses
Sub Course A : Ring of Fire
Sub Course B : Strands of Sand
(You can download the syllabus at the website)

For CommTECH Camp Insight 2017 we offer 3 courses
Sub Course A : Sociopreneurship in Action
Sub Course B : Biomedical Engineering Innovation
Sub Course C : Intoduction to Game Programming
(You can download the syllabus at the website)

Only active lecturers, non-academic staffs & active bachelor, master &
doctoral students from any background are eligible for this program.

The fees : USD 1,600 which cover accommodation,
local transportation, tuition fee, workshop materials, seminar kits,
scheduled meals, Trip to Bromo Mountain, Rafting, airport pick up & drop
off services, and vouchers, The participants must be responsible with
their roundtrip flight ticket, visa & travel insurance.
ITS offer full scholarship, 50% scholarship (pay only USD 800) & partial
scholarship (pay only USD 1,000) for limited participants.  Please register early to secure your participation.


The Registration will be opened :
from  28 March – 1 July 2016 for CommTECH Camp Highlight 2016
from  18 September – 29 December 2016 for CommTECH Camp Insight 2017

Please fill in the registration form (You can find it on the website),
scan it, and send it to internationalatits [dot] ac [dot] id with the documents below :
- Scanned Passport
- One recommendation letter from your university
- Scanned students/staffs/lecturers I.D or statement letter that you are
staff or lecturers from your university

The participants of previous CommTECH are not allowed to apply to CommTECH
Camp Highlight 2016 & CommTECH Camp Insight 2017. For further inquiries,
please contact Mr. Wahyu Islami at internationalatits [dot] ac [dot] id /
internationaloffice [dot] itsatgmail [dot] com

Brief story of past CommTECH programs can be viewed from these links

CommTECH Camp Insight 2016
CommTECH Camp Highlight 2015
CommTECH Camp Insight 2015
CommTECH Camp Highlight 2014
CommTECH Camp Highlight 2013

In addition to CommTECH programs, ITS also willing to organize a
customized short – course program form minimum 15 participants based on
spesific request of our international partners. The schedule, the content
and the fee of the can be tailored to suit your requirements. ITS offer
several topics such as Community Based Sanitation, Sustainable Development
in Developing Countries, Emerging IT in Society, Business Model Canvas
(BMC) & Green Business in Indonesia

For further discussion, please contact Mr. Wahyu at internationalatits [dot] ac [dot] id
internationaloffice [dot] itsatgmail [dot] com



University of Airlangga (UNAIR) offers:

Complete programs HERE

1. AMERTA - Academic Mobility Exchange for Undergraduate at Airlangga

For international students who interested in Indonesian studies through social, health and natural sciences. 

  • Program duration: 1 semester
  • Commencement: Semester 1 on 5 September 2016 - 14 January 2017
  • Opens for 35 international students
  • Enrolment deadline : 15 June 2016
  • Tuition fee WAIVED
  • Partial scholarship is provided, total for IDR 6 million for 6 months
  • Credit transferable: minimum 3 courses and a Indonesian language class

Enrolment 2016

2. ASP - Airlangga Summer Program

For international students who are interested Indonesian traditional medicine or herbal medicine and Indonesian Language and Cultures.

  • Program duration : 2 weeks, 25 July 5 August 2016
  • Opens for 40 international students

  • Enrolment deadline : 2 May 2016

  • Program Fee: USD 500/person

  • FREE cultural trip to Bromo National Park

  • Credit transferable: 8 credits in total

  • Indonesian Traditional Medicine : 4 credits

  • Indonesian Language and Culture : 4 credits

3. CERIA- Community Empowerment Program at Universitas Airlangga

A community volunteering program from international students at a rural area in East Java Region. Designed to empower the society, It is intended for international students  to learn and work hand-in-hand with the local students to empower disadvantaged societies.

  • Program Duration: 3-4 weeks
  • The Program runs twice a year, for January and July Deployment, also open for special session with minimum 20 participants
  • Enrolment deadlines for every 1 November and 1 May
  • Credit transferable: 6 credits
  • Program Fee: USD 300, which covers accommodation and meals

Enrolment 2016

4. Tailor-made/customized program
Based on your interest and need which can be accommodated by UNAIR faculties.

Example : Global Health Programs

Program details





A one year non-degree scholarship program offered by the Indonesian government to all foreign students from countries which have diplomatic relationship with Indonesia to study Bahasa Indonesia, arts, music, craft and particular subject in 54 selected Indonesian Higher Education Institutions (HE) in different cities in Indonesia. 
Read here for : How to Apply, Coverage of Scholarship, Visa Arrangement, Procedures & Requirements





28 Dec 2015 – 22 Feb 2016


Administration Selection by the Embassy



30 May 2016




Confirmation of Participating

30 May - 17 June 2016



End of August 2016


Commencement of Program

September 2016 - August 2017

(For University of Indonesia/UI will start on 11 August 2016)




Some UFTMP members have already collaborations with Indonesian universities for the internship exchanges. Example : UT3 Paul Sabatier - Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) in the domain of Electric Engineering. Contact your International Relations Office & UFTMP Representation Office Jakarta for more inquiries.


    • INSA - University of Indonesia (UI)
    • UT1 Capitole - University of Gadjah Mada (UGM)


International Lecturers

    • University of Airlangga (UNAIR) 
    • University of Indonesia (UI) 


International Researchers & Lecturer-Researchers

  • French-Indonesian Science&Technology Program NUSANTARA

The French Government in collaboration with the Indonesian Government has established the bi-annual NUSANTARA Program. The objective of NUSANTARA is to promote and support the new project of scientific and technological cooperation, between French and Indonesian researchers in both public and private sectors. Eligibility : is any research laboratories from universities, public sector research institutes and small companies.

How to Apply NUSANTARA program

French applicants should refer to the CAMPUS FRANCE and Ristekdikti website. Applications must be received by the posted closing date. Applications will not be considered in any other format or accepted at any other time.
For the first round of application, the following schedule will apply:
  • Deadline for sending applications: 29th February 2016
  • Scientific evaluation: 01st March – 25th April 2016
  • Final selection by Joint Committee: 26th April 2016
  • Start of Project: 2nd May 2016
Contact for French counterpart
Pr Dr. Ing. Nicolas Gascoin
Attaché pour la coopération en Science et Technologie
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 20, Jakarta 10350
Tel : +62 21 2355 7925
Mail : nicolas [dot] gascoinatdiplomatie [dot] gouv [dot] frhadyan [dot] fibriantoatifi-id [dot] com

All information are available here:


List of UFTMP Partner Universities

University of Gadjah Mada (UGM)  
Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB)
Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember (ITS)  
University of Indonesia (UI)  
University of Airlangga (UNAIR)  
University of Udayana (UNUD)  
University of Tanjungpura (UNTAN)  



Practical information

Living cost

The cost of living in Indonesia is very low. The most expensive city is Jakarta, however it is still cheaper than most of the capitals in the world. 


Living cost in the capital Jakarta, minimum per month : €500-€700

  • Housing : €150-€500
  • Transport : €35-€100
  • Communication : mobile €7-€30, Internet €30
  • Food : €100-€200
  • Miscellaneous (sport, clothing, entertainment, etc.) : €150

Big cities (i.e. Bali, Surabaya, Makassar) per month : €300-€500

  • Housing : €100-€300
  • Transport : €35-€100
  • Communication : mobile €7-€30, Internet €30
  • Food : €100
  • Miscellaneous : €80

! The living cost is even less expensive in smaller cities (under €100 to €300 per month)


More detailed budget



Hostel dorm — €8-12 / night
Hostel private room (ensuite) — €20 / night
Mid-range hotel — €35-€70 / night
1 bedroom budget apartment – €350 / month

Food & Drink

Bread, street food — €1
Inexpensive restaurant meal — €2-4
Fast-food meal — €4
Mid-range restaurant three course meal — €5-7
High-end restaurant — €10-€20
Coffee at cafes — €0.50-€4
Bottle of water (0.50 lt) — €0.50
Soft drinks — €0.50-0.75


Internet (cable or DSL, unlimited data) — €30 / month
Phone SIM — €2.50
Prepaid cell phone usage — €0.10 / minute
SMS text message — €0.01
Data plan 1.5G — €15
TV subscription — €25-35 / month


Bus one-way ticket — €0.20
Bus monthly pass — €10
Taxi (per km) — €0.20
Scooter rental — €5-10 / day
Car rental (depending on car) – €20-€50 / day
Cost of gasoline — €0.60 / liter


Visa for Foreign Students

Type of visa differs from each study program.
Consult the host university’s International Office to know which visa you need.
In general, International students have two options :
  • Visit visa : for short courses/short programs between 2-6 months
  • Limited Stay visa : for long-period of study (more than 6 months)
  • Please be advised that the process to obtain visas may take considerable length of time to be processed. Please plan well in advance
  • Do not book or pay for any travel tickets etc. until you have been granted a visa.
  • If the student's studies/ training have not yet finished but the Visa/ Stay Permit has already expires or will shortly be expiring, then the student can get an extension. A student can submit his/ her application for an extension at the Regional/ Local Immigration Office where he/ she is studying.
  • You should always consult your Supervisor and/or the Student Administration Office at your University in Indonesia, not only for academic matters but also for other matters involving the Immigration Office and in connection with your stay in Indonesia.

Health Insurance

International students should purchase private health insurance or ensure that their home-country health insurance plan will cover them during their stay in Indonesia.


About Indonesia

Quick facts 

  • capital : Jakarta                            
  • population : > 230 million people  
  • n° of island : > 17 000 islands
  • official language : Indonesian
  • currency : Rupiah (Rp), (IDR)
  • government: Republic
  • time zone: (UTC+7 to +9)


Useful links 


Indonesia is an archipelago in Southeast Asia consisting of more than 17,000 islands and straddling the equator. 

The largest islands are Sumatra, Java, Bali, Kalimantan (Borneo), Sulawesi (Celebes), the Nusa Tenggara islands, the Moluccas Islands, and Irian Jaya, the western part of New Guinea.

Indonesia has a mixed economy in which both the private sector and government play significant roles. The country is the largest economy in Southeast Asia and a member of the G-20 major economies.

The country is rich in natural resources and famous for its volcanoes, which are among the most active in the world and attract international volcanologists for study. The country is also strategically located along major sea lanes from the Indian to Pacific Oceans, making it a crossroads in the ocean. With nearly 250 million people, Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world.



Indonesia has a tropical climate and temperatures remain relatively constant year round. The climate is generally warm and very humid. The coastal regions usually average about 28’C, lower mountain regions average about 26 degrees C and higher mountain regions average about 23’C. Due to the country’s proximity to the equator, there is very little variation is length of days as well. The driest time is from June to October and the monsoon season occurs during January and February.



Indonesian art and culture are heavily influenced by both religion and traditions of both eastern and western origin. There are hundreds of ethnic groups within Indonesia, and the culture fuses aspects from the Middle East, Asia and Europe. The six official religions are Islam, Catholic, Christian, Hindu, Buddha and Confucianism. Music and dance in Indonesia have very distinctive styles and many theatre performances are based on traditional culture or mythological events. Indonesian cuisine is generally spicy and reflects the multi-ethnic culture of the country. Common ingredients in many dishes are rice, fish, soy and fruit. Popular sports include badminton, soccer and martial arts.



Representation Office Jakarta

ananda [dot] mackulauatuniv-toulouse [dot] fr (Ananda MACKULAU) | (+62) 21 71 79 46 52

Graha Kapital, Floor 4. Kemang Raya 4. Jakarta 12730. INDONESIA