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Construire l'Université de Toulouse


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École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Toulouse

French Public School of Architecture under the control of the Ministry of Culture and Communication - Department of Architecture and National heritage.
Structure of the Curriculum - Three years for the Bachelor''s program, two years for the master''s program, and one more year to get the Certificate of professional Practice in Architecture. The teaching offered is organized in five main spheres combining professional expertise and scientific knowledge: representation and space / Sustainable development / Heritage ; metamorphoses / Architecture, national and regional planning, society / Forms and uses.

Research program -The research units are grouped together in the Architectural Research Laboratory (LRA), which covers 4 major themes: Design methods and process / Heritage and archaeology / Town production and professions / Environment andlandscape.

ENSA'S SPECIFICITIES: An introduction to research is available during initial training and leads to the State Diploma in Architecture with a Research speciality / Double qualification in architecture and engineering: in partnership with INSA, the National Institute for Applied Sciences in Toulouse.

PhD Programme - ENSA Toulouse is associated with the Times, Spaces, Societies, Cultures (TESC) doctoral school of the university of Toulouse-le Mirail. It enrols research students preparing a doctorate in architecture and supervises them in its laboratories. ENSA and the university of Toulouse-le Mirail thus grant a joint PhD in architecture.
Post-graduate degrees - DPEA Urban project, heritage and sustainable development (South-East Asia) in partnership with the university of Architecture of Hanoi (Vietnam) recruits 20 students holding the State Diploma in Architecture, an engineering degree, or a Master's degree in town planning - duration 2 years.
DPEA Cycle of European post-graduate studies in architecture and sustainable development in partnership with the Catholic University of Louvain and the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne recruits 25 architects with recognized professional experience - duration 2 years.
Preparation for the examination to qualify as a state-registered architect and town planner.
(AUE). Twelve candidates holding the state architect's diploma are recruited - duration 30 weeks.

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Headmaster: Pierre Fernandez

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