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17/05/2024 - 14:46

International PhD programmes

International PhD programmes

The International PhD Office is in charge of  identifying and organizing the supply of PhD thesis proposals, within framework programs between the University of Toulouse and some countries (agreement University of Toulouse - China Scholarship Council for example) or for international students eligible for funding under national large-scale programs (Colfuturo Colombia for example).

PhDs are offered by Doctoral Programmes in the area of Sciences and Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences. The University of Toulouse awards around 900 PhDs every year.



The École des Docteurs began the development of PhD cooperation with Chile in 2015 by participating in the Europosgrados fair. This year the International PhD Office will join the Expo Estudiante fair to meet students who wish do a thesis in France and especially through to CONICYT program.

♦ Click for further infomation on PhD programs in Chile (.pdf)



The University of Toulouse has a strong commitment to China, reinforced by the agreement signed between our University and the China Scholarship Council (CSC) in 2011. With more than 1,500 Chinese students and 195 PhD candidates, Chinese students are the largest international population at the University de Toulouse. The International PhD Office goes every year to China to meet Master students that wish to do a PhD in Toulouse.
♦ More infomation on website :
♦ Download the agreement between the China Scholarship Council and the University of Toulouse: French (.pdf). // Chinese (.pdf)



The University de Toulouse is strongly committed to developping cooperation with Colombia. In 2015 a cooperation agreement was signed between the University of Toulouse and Colfuturo, allowing Colombian students to get funding to do their PhD in Toulouse, and that same year a cooperation agreement was signed with the Distrital University. Since 2014 we participate in Europosgrados student fairs to meet and guide Master students wishing to do a PhD in France.

In 2017, 34 Colombian PhD students are doing their PhD in Toulouse, of which 12 are doing a joint PhD.
♦ Click for further infomation on PhD programs in Colombia (.pdf)



Mexican students are the largest population of Latin American PhD students at the University of Toulouse with 48 PhD candidates in 2017, including 3 doing a joint PhD. The International PhD Office  is very involved in the development of the cooperation with Mexico and every year, we participate in « Tu doctor ado en francia » event and Europosgrados fairs. 

♦ Click for further infomation on PhD programs in Mexico (.pdf)

♦ Download the call for applications: