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16/04/2024 - 16:15

Higher education in France

Higher education in France

In France, you can choose to study in: 

  • Universities which offer programs in all disciplines
  • « Grandes Ecoles » which are selective schools and offer specialized top-level trainings to the students. (i.e engineering schools, business schools, Architecture veterinary schools, etc).

Organization of studies: BMD scheme

The Higher Education System in France is based on the European educational system called BMD (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate)…

It can be defined as follows:

  • An organization around 3 degrees: Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, Doctorate (PhD)
  • A course- and semester-based organization (1 year = 2 semesters) validated by ECTS (European Credit* Transfer System).
    1 semester is equal to 30 ECTS

*Credits represent a work-load including lectures, tutorials, internships, home work, projects, stays abroad etc.

The framework is based on course credit transfer allowing common recognition by any French or European university:

  • A Bachelor's degree (3 years of study) = 6 semesters validated by 180 ECTS.
  • A Master's degree (2 years of study after the Bachelor's degree) = 4 semesters validated by 120  ECTS
  • A Doctorate (3 years of study after the Master's degree) = 6 semesters validated by 180 ECTS

Note:there is no systematic equivalence between foreign and French diplomas or degrees. When applying in a French university, the holders of a foreign diploma must also apply for the equivalence. Only the host institution is entitled to assess foreign diplomas.