French as a foreign language

Who can take a French course?

Students at the Bachelor’s (Licence) level in a mobility program (international agreements, ERASMUS or others)

  • Students in a Master 1 or 2 program
  • PhD students
  • Researchers or Teachers-researchers

from one of the establishments of higher education at The "Université Fédérale Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées"


Nous n'acceptons plus d'inscriptions.

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French classes

  • We offer 10 modules of 25 hours of French classesAffiche FLE-LVE 2017-2018
  • The classes take place in the evening from 18h to 20h , in one of the establishments of l'Université Fédérale ToulouseMidi-Pyrénées.
  • If you are not a beginner in French, you will have to pass an on-line test (ELAO) in order to establish your language level.

We offer intensive classes 25h during one week:

October 30th - 31th  and November 2nd - 3rd  2017. Levels: A2 and B1.

February 26th - March 2th 2018. Levels Beginner and Scientific B1 and B2/C1.

General information

Your presence in the classes is compulsary to be appointed the 3 ECTS at the end of the class  val_points_credit_fle_17-18-traduc-anglais.doc

You will be evaluated (by means of an examination) in the end of the class, and you will obtain a certificate


    Your application will be valid once we have received your on-line payment :

    Fees : 50 € (one module of 25h)

    After your application and payment by Toul'Box ; your will receive an ELAO code to take a level test in French (on line).

    The test result must be sent to : fleatuniv-toulouse [dot] fr

    As soon as there are, at least 15 people of the same level, you will receive a "convocation" e-mail to follow the classes.

    Planning of the evening classes will be determined by teacher's availability.

    The venue for the classes will be dermined by which university institution has the largest number of participants.

    The inscription is to made via the Toul'Box for all students except PhD students chargeable for their Doctoral School (Ecole Doctorale).

    PhD students chargeable for their Doctoral School:

    1.  Fill in the form at: PhD students chargeable for their Doctoral School (École Doctorale),
    2. Download your visa_ed-fle-2017-2018.doc
    3. ELAO language level test on-line: you will receive the access code by mail - guide for the test (pdf)
    4. Fill in the application form by following the link you'll receive by mail



    Responsable :
    Cecilia GUNNARSSON
    Tél. 00 33 (0)5 61 14 80 23
    cecilia [dot] gunnarssonatuniv-toulouse [dot] fr

    Secrétariat :
    Monica CORTADAS
    Tél. 00 33 (0)5 61 14 80 26
    fleatuniv-toulouse [dot] fr