Higher education in France

Universities and Schools of Higher education

To be accepted into a French university, you must have either the French baccalauréat (the end of secondary school diploma equivalent to British A levels or the American high school diploma), or an equivalent foreign diploma.There are two types of institutions:

  • universities offer degree programs in all fields (arts, health, human and social sciences, science, technology..)
  • schools of Higher education : schools of engineering, business schools, Toulouse Higher School of Architecture, National Veterinary School of Toulouse …

Organization of Higher education programs

European countries have adopted a new common system for higher education in order to facilitate the recognition of diplomas and degrees and students’ mobility :

  • the “LMD” system : Bachelor’s (3 yrs), Master’s (5 yrs), PhD (8 yrs)
  • a semester-based organization : 1 year = 2 semesters
  • degree programs organized into “Unité d’Enseignements” (UE) or teaching units which can be either compulsory or elective. They include lectures,tutorials, internships, dissertations.
  • the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS): each UE corresponds to a certain number of ECTS (1 semester = 30 ECTS)


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