Assessing your budget

Monthly expenses

Living expensesExpenses per personAids
Accomodation CAF allowance
CROUS halls of residence137€ to 350€ 
Room in a private home250€ to 350€ 
Shared accomodation150€ to 380€ 
Privately rented accomodation400€ to 600€ 
Electricity / gaz30€ to 50€ 
Cell phone35€ 


3€ a meal in the university cafeteria
Transportation depending on the city
Bus / tube / tram : Pass (- 25 yrs of age)10€ to 16€ 
Bus / tube / tram : Pass (over 25 yrs of age)22€ to 40€ 
Train : Card 12-25 yrs (49€ per year)25 to 50% discount 
Bike : monthly fees10€ 
Mutuelle VITTAVI - LMDE5€ to 35€CMU free for some students
Miscellaneous (leisure, cultural activities,...)100€ 
TOTAL480€ to 1000€ 

Annual expenses

Living expensesExpenses per personAids
Deposit (to be paid when signing the rental contract)One month rent without charges

Financial Support : the amounts lent must be refunded

Loca Pass
Pass Log

Rental insurance30€ to 110€ 
"Taxe d"habitation" : local tax paid by residents mi-november (for all types of accomodation except CROUS university halls of residence and room in private homes)250€ to 550€ 
University fees Registration fees (2010-2011) Students holding a grant from a foreign government may in few cases be exempted from administration fees.
Tuition fees may vary0€ to 7000€