IDEX calls for projects

The 22 IDEX programmes in Toulouse are supported by and will benefit the entire university community. The IDEX Arbitration Committee's (CAr) mission is to choose the laureates of the IDEX "Research" programmes (with the exception of the "Equipment" programme, the procedure of which is different) and to validate the process for selecting "training" projects defined by the Directorate.   → Make up of the CAr (pdf)


  • open to all the campus research teams
  • no minimum required amount per project
  • projects that cannot get funding by the usual national and international channels
  • financial support for 5 years


  • Projects to diversify study paths and increase the attractivity of university courses
  • Projects to innovate pedagogical practices
  • Projects to increase links with the socio-economic fabric

Principles - collective projects to:

  • extend the service to teams seeking international funding
  • develop new partnerships on a European and International scale
  • improve the welcoming of new arrivals in the region


  • projects to increase campus cohesion and attractivity
  • projects to improve the quality of life for students and personnel

More informations: idex-vie-campusatuniv-toulouse [dot] fr