Captor : research into future anti-cancer medicines

Chemotherapie (CC) GMF-Productions / Flick'rThe scientific CAPTOR project on the Toulouse university site (Cancer Pharmacology of Toulouse and Region) is one of the two successful applicants to the call for "University Hospital Oncology Centres - 2012" projects under the Investments for the Future programme. Funded to the tune of 10 million euros over 5 years, the aim of the project is to encourage the development of new anti-cancer medicines.


CAPTOR covers four areas of action:

  • innovation, including basic research on new medicines;
  • assessment, including clinical research on these new medicines;
  • medicines in everyday life, or assessing social pharmaceutical practices;
  • education, or integrating innovation into medical training.

In addition to these areas, the intention is to enhance scientific thinking about cancer among the population.

CAPTOR is supported by major local sources of expertise: institutions and companies already located or intending to be located on the enormous Oncopole-Toulouse campus.

Download the project information sheet CAPTOR