> 1st wave: results announced on 17 January 2011

  • Equip@meso (.pdf) (national project)
    Objective: to acquire high performance computers for use on networks throughout the region.
  • MIMETIS (.pdf)
    Objective: to develop a new matter imaging technique using a new microscopy technique.
  • ROBOTEX (.pdf) (national project)
    Objective: to create a national network of 15 laboratories to structure the field of robotics around humanoid, medical, mobile, micro, nano and production robotics.
  • XYLOFOREST (.pdf) (national project)
    Objective: to build a multidisciplinary research platform to work on all aspects of forestry resources, in particular tree genomics, forestry plantation ecology, wood chemistry, etc.

> 2nd wave: results announced on 20 December 2011

  • ANINFIMIP (.pdf): Equipment for the Midi-Pyrénées high-security infectious animal diseases platform
  • CRITEX (.pdf): National innovative equipment for spatial and temporal research on critical catchment area zones (national project)
  • GENEPI (.pdf): Gasification equipment for an innovative platform dedicated to new energy sources (national project)
  • LEAF (.pdf): Laser treatment platform for multifunctional flexible electronic systems (national project)
  • NANOIMAGESX (.pdf): Construction and operation of a nanomography line at the SOLEIL synchrotron (national project)
  • REFIMEVE+ (.pdf): Metrological fibre network for Europe (national project)
  • RESIF-CORE (.pdf): French seismological and geodetic network: basic equipment (national project)