Between 2011 and 2012, eight projects have received certification: Aix-Marseille, Paris-Saclay, Bordeaux, Paris Sciences et Lettres, Sorbonne Paris Cité, Sorbonne Université, Strasbourg and Toulouse. Each campus has received a State allocation to fund the proposed programmes in their candidacy application.


The 'Initiative d'Excellence' project call constitutes the most emblematic and structuring investment for the future. Eight hubs, destined to become world-ranked campuses, able to compete with the best universities around the world, have been selected, amongst which Toulouse. This selection implies transformations which will progressively take place until 2018.

Convention Attributive d'aide IDEX-UNITI

Complete case file

Operational summary

Previous versions

2 versions of the IDEX-UNITI case file preceded the final version submitted to the panel in December 2011:

Download 19 May 2011 version (selection 1st wave: case file rejected)

Download 7 January 2011 version (pre-selection: case file approved)

You can also consult the successive evaluations given by the international panel for project calls at each new submission.



On 1 July 2013, Geneviève Fioraso, Minister for Higher Education and Research; Louis Gallois, General Commissioner for Investment; Pascale Briand, General Director for the 'Agence Nationale de la Recherche'; Marie-France Barthet, President of the 'Université Fédérale Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées' in the company of the Presidents and Directors of Universities and 'Grandes Ecoles' as well as representatives for research organisations in the Midi-Pyrénées region, officially launched IDEX certification.

The signing ceremony marked recognition of the project after 12 months of consultation, with implications for the entire university community of the region. A signing that should also open the way to new means to fund collective ambitions: bestow on the Toulouse university hub international recognition and develop new research and educational initiatives. From the start of the first academic term next year, the first initiatives will be undertaken to enable everyone to participate in this new dynamic.


Mr. Ayrault, Prime Minister confirms the signing of the attributive convention:

Letter addressed to Marie-France Barthet, President of the 'Université Fédérale Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées':

I am pleased to inform you that I have just signed the convention attributing, to the initiative of excellence (IDEX) "Toulouse University", an allocation of 750M€, which will produce more than 25M€ interest per year. The higher education establishments of Toulouse, in close cooperation with research organisations and the economic environment, now have the means to satisfy the ambitious character of the IDEX project to construct a University with international visibility at Toulouse ...      lire la suite



The stages of construction of COMUE

In the memorandum of understanding signed by all the establishments of the Toulouse campus, a governance schema is proposed. This has been reworked and completed by the drafting of annexes of the attributive convention signed in July 2013.

Community of Universities and Establishments

From September 2013, we have had to adapt our governance project to conform to legislation voted by the National Assembly on 3 July 2013. In 2014, in accordance with the ESR (Higher Education and Research) Bill introduced in July 2013, universities, 'schools' and research organisations in Toulouse constitute a 'community of establishments'. This community will adopt the form of a federal university: the Université Fédérale Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées.