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17/01/2019 - 10:16



Finding accommodation may well be a real challenge and should be undertaken as early as possible.

Some options

  • University Residence Halls
  • On-campus housing when offered
  • Private students residence
  • Private-sector rentals (direct from the owner to the renter or through a real-estate agencies)
  • Rooms in private houses (direct from the owner to the renter or through a real-estate agencies)
  • Short-stay accomodation (youth hostels, hotel residence...)
  • "Foyers" students residence
  • HLM subszidized low-cost social housing

Before finding your accomodation

  • find a guarantor or “garant”, i.e. someone or an organization who will pay the rent if you happen to be unable to pay yourself. There are two organizations available :
    • LOCA-PASS guarantee only for students under 30 who have been granted a CROUS scholarship and living in some halls of residence or social housing flats.
    • Garantie CLE : available to all the other French and foreign students registered in higher education institutions, only for students under 28.
  • assess your budget :
    • the rent should not exceed 30% of your total resources
    • when signing the lease, you will have to pay : the deposit, the first rent, the estate agency fees. In total a sum equal to two-month rent minimum and up to four or five-month rent maximum !

After finding your accommodation

  • do not forget to take a rental insurance. It is mandatory.
  • apply for housing benefits