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11/08/2022 - 14:36

Theatrical creation workshop "Twenty years !" Sebastien Bournac

Theatrical creation workshop "Twenty years !" Sebastien Bournac

Event date
Heure(s) de l'événement
10h - 18h
free internship
Event location
La Fabrique (Scène), Université Toulouse - Jean Jaurès
"Twenty Years!" is a theatrical creation workshop proposed by Sébastien Bowman, director of the company Tabula Rasa and artistic manager of the Théâtre Sorano. This workshop is free and open to all students from the University of Toulouse.


In partnership with the Tabula Rasa Company and the Sorano Theatre.


Content of the Internship:

Echoing the show "Letzlove-Portrait (s) Foucault", directed by Pierre Maillet, which will be presented in January-February 2018 at the Théâtre Sorano and at the factory, Sébastien Bowman invites a dozen of students to question what it means to have be twenty years old.


In a theatrical laboratory of ideas and forms, it will be a matter of addressing freely and without taboo all subjects: family, politics, commitment, sexuality, religion, art and all the existential concerns that go through the youth...


A few individual appointments to get acquainted, three immersion weekends to debate, dialogue, share and imagine a theatrical form that puts into play this word of "20-year-old" today.


Staff of the internship: 12 participants.


Conditions of admission:

This internship is open to all students from the University of Toulouse, between the ages of 18 and 25, regardless of their studies, and their theatrical level. Presence will be requested during the hole entire calendar (6 full days + public restitution).


Until November 6 sending a text by replying to this topic: "You would have to benchmark 4 or 5 important moments in your life, what would it be?" Answer in writing. Free form, no limited number of characters. Text to be sent to: s.bournac [at]
Pre-registration by mail: to the attention of Delphine Champagne: delphine.champagne [at] (indicate surname, first name, address, mail and telephone).
Course of the internship (scene of the factory): 6 days
November 18 - 19 : 2017:10h-18h
December 2 - 3 : 2017:10h-1
January 13 - 14 2017 :10h-18h
Public restitution: 21 March 2018, 6.30 pm (Factory scene)